Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep !

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

It has been proven that if you get enough sleep at night it can lower stress levels, reduce inflammation as well as help maintain a healthy mind. During the night your skin repairs itself, blood flow is increased and toxins are removed so your skin looks refreshed and rested in the morning.

Sleep can't magically erase wrinkles but it can slow down your skin's ageing process. Your skin will be less prone to break outs as well. During the night your skin is repairing itself, blood flow is increased, toxins are removed and with the right products, your skin will feel plump, soft and refreshed in the morning.

Here are the reasons we should watch less Netflix in exchange for more sleep. Your skin cells regenerate during the night time During the day our skin works very hard to fight off pollution, free radicals, sweat and its desperate for downtime. While we’re sleeping, our skin switches into recovery mode and it’s an important time for our skin to rest, repair and regenerate. You will also fine the hormone melatonin will increase prior to bed time, this is preparing your skin to start the regeneration process.

Night time is when your skin is more receptive to products There's a good reason a lot of skincare is designed to use at night. The renewal process is when you get the most benefits from your skincare's active ingredients, and using the right products is important to ensure the renewal process is complete.

Improve fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen production is the key for keeping the skin plump and smooth. And while some creams claim to boost its production, you can't bottle what sleep does for you.

As you fall asleep, your body will start to produce growth hormones. These growth hormones make sure that your skin is producing elastin and collagen. This will not only repair you skin but it also allows it to become tight and firm.

Let your skin de stress

Sleep isn't just a time to rest your body and mind, it is also a time to rest your skin.

Lack of sleep increases your cortisol levels (the stress hormone), this can cause inflammation and put your skin in a pro-inflammatory state. This gives you tired sullen looking skin with puffiness around the eyes, i am sure you have all woken up feeling that way.

By ensuring you get eight hours of sleep every night, you will limit your cortisol levels to prevent this from appearing.

You're giving your skin an environmental break

Can you count the amount of lights and damaging elements your skin is exposed to during a day ?

Sun exposure, pollution, air conditioning and blue light are just a few of the everyday elements our skin is exposed to. But think about this....... at night, all of these are eliminated.

In your dark bedroom there is no UV damage, no smoking, no smog or temperature changes, harsh lights and you aren’t wearing makeup or sweating. By sleeping in this clean environment your skin will breathe and have some downtime against daily environmental factors.

Nighty , Night .....dont let the bed bugs bite

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