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Certified Organic and Ethical

Centella has won an array of awards throughout Europe due to the powerful healing properties of Centella Asiatica. Centella is not only a superior and proven anti-aging ingredient but is also used to treat pre and post-operative scarring, stretch marks, acne, varicose veins and aid in weight loss.


Since 1972, Centella has been used by medical professionals, clinicians and therapists throughout Europe. 

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Active Ethical Spa Rituals

Health is at the heart of each formulation, using a naturopathic approach to renew, revitalise and replenish the skin.

Spaceauticals is a premium collection of regenerative and corrective cosmeceuticals. High-performance actives, anti-ageing vitamins, aromaceuticals, and antioxidants are combined to deliver superior results.


Combat pigmentation, inflammation, fine lines & wrinkles, dull skin, and the signs of aging for a complexion that radiates confidence and youth. 

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