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Hydra-Calming Mask +

Hydra-Calming Mask +

Our powerful Hydra Calming Mask is formulated with two chains of Hyaluronic acid


The short chain which deeply penetrates various levels of the skin, providing rapid hydration to the deep layers of the skin, as well as a second medium-chain which promotes prolonged hydration.


The hydrating mask, rich in vitamins A, D and F, promotes healing and protects the skin from cellular damage. The mask also contains Aloe Vera which protects the skin from trans epidermal water loss and aids in improving the cohesion of the skin barrier.


Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Juice – Powerful moisturiser, improves cellular cohesion of the skin barrier, protects the skins trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Centella Asiatica – Powerful anti-ageing active principle. Stimulates collagen production. Regenerates, promotes healing.
  • Shae Butter – Vitamins A,D,E,F, natural UV protection, healing, protects from cellular damage, Omega 6 + 9, soothing, hydrating, restores elasticity, moisturising.


Duo Hyaluronic Acid


Short Chain

Penetrates deep into the different layers of the epidermis for more intense hydration. Rapid hydration to the deep layers of skin.

Medium Chain
Allows a prolonged hydration of the different layers of the epidermis.



To be used once a week. Apply a fine, uniform layer the size of a 20 cent piece with the fingertips over face and neck. Leave on for approximately 20 minutes. Remove with a moist warm towel. This mask can be left on over night for a deeper treatment.

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